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I've provided an OUTLINE TEMPLATE below for your use in speech construction. Remember, the outline is a graded assignment (worth up to 5 points) and needs to be submitted during the week of Sep 22 for your Informative speech that is presented the following week. You’ll also submit an outline during the week of Oct 13 for your Persuasive speech that’s presented the following week. The OUTLINE TEMPLATE that follows will help you quickly get organized for preparing upcoming speeches. I strongly encourage you to use this outline format to guide you in the construction of your speeches. ********** Copy and paste the outline below as a template to create your speech, replacing my words with yours. Be sure to include your references! Pay particular attention to how you word your specific purpose statement. Be sure it’s stated so that an outside observer could verify that you’ve achieved your desired outcome. An outside observer can’t verify if someone “knows” or “understands” but they can verify if someone can “describe” or “participate.” Dr. Falvo * * * * * * * Scroll down to next page ↓ ↓ ↓ TOPIC: Getting a Dog GENERAL PURPOSE: To persuade the audience about getting a dog. SPECIFIC PURPOSE: At the end of my speech, the audience will consider the idea of looking into a dog as a pet or asking questions as to why a dog. CENTRAL IDEA: Dogs can be the perfect pet(s) for anyone with the right amount of care and love they can end us a lifelong companion. AUDIENCE-CENTEREDNESS STATEMENT: They might ask why a dog or how it will benefit them or how it is even relevant to them. Well how I see it, they will be not only getting a dog as a pet but can establish, develop and grow a lifelong companion. They can be very helpful, if trained well. How this speech is relevant to my class is because we have or had or know someone
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