How To Solve Police Brutality

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How do we hold ourselves accountable and change what is inhumane and is a disgrace in regards to our Constitution and Declaration of Independence. The police departments have taken the initiative in trying the issues of police brutality. Counseling can help officers by relieving stress that everyday life plus the strenuous hours on the job puts on them. The twelve steps in solving police brutality possessed some very strong suggestions for solving police brutality. The steps consisted of participation from the police and from the people. According to Hans Massaquoi the steps are as…show more content…
If the people and the police cannot work together to maintain peace then how will the issues of excessive force be solved. Communication plays a role in bringing the community and the men and women in blue together. Leadership plays a major role in influencing the officer’s views of what is right and what is wrong. The definition of leadership, according to Berko, is those who influence a group to accomplish its goal. If a leader does not communicate to his group the guidelines of how the goal will be accomplished then the group will lean into their own understanding. This can cause the group to take matters into their own hands and do whatever they feel is necessary to get the goal accomplished. If that means beating a man half to death or killing an elderly woman who is innocent, then so be it. Communication will help us all to get along whether we’re rich or poor, black or white, educated or uneducated. Communication will also help us in understanding the demands and stress that officer’s deal with everyday and in turn come up with a solution in easing their stress. Finding ways to ease the stress of officers will solve the major issue of police brutality. According to Berko, steps that apply to decision making must be made we must first think, next analyze reasoning, and third reach the decision. The decision must be a mutual one in order to result in peace amongst the

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