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Learning to snowboard demands a tremendous amount of practice, muscular strength, and cognitive ability. Once the proper equipment has been selected, the interested party should seek the help of a snowboarder with a professional skill level. Although it is quite possible to learn how to snowboard without any lessons, knowing someone who has been in your position before will be extremely beneficial. To be considered a professional, the person must exhibit substantial skill proficiency. There are three qualities of skill proficiency that need to be addressed with any sport: movement certainty, conservation of energy, and minimal time expenditure. In regards to snowboarding, movement certainty would be shown through the quality of their carving, stopping, and other movements. As a snowboarder becomes more proficient, they eliminate unnecessary movements, usually due to mistake such as falling, in order to conserve energy. This is because snowboarding is an extremely sport in terms of energy. Likewise, movements become more fluid as a snowboarder progresses. This allows the to decrease the amount of time it takes to carve, stop, transition, etc. All of these qualities complement each other, rather than requiring a trade-off. In addition, an instructor should keep these three qualities of skill proficiency in mind when evaluating a student’s progress. Learning how to snowboard involves primarily implicit learning, or improving one’s capabilities for correct responding as a result of repeated performance. The person is not truly aware of what caused their improvements; their movements just start becoming more fluid. On the other hand, some of middle stages of this learning process involve immense amounts of explicit learning as well. The instructor will point out certain deficits, as well as providing solutions, for the student to improve on. The early stage of this

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