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Do not simply stop once you have identified your one ideal target customer or audience. Instead, search for and develop target customer(s), then develop content that appeals to each segment. How many segments should you focus on developing? I say give it the ol’ Prego and go for three. However, in my experience, you will not really know who or what to segment until you start your research using the methods outlined below. Here’s one example from the educational institute I work for. We believed “sports broadcasting” was our most popular area of interest due to a small sample taken from the “student interest” field on school applications, so we were marketing specifically to that group. However, last year our blog data showed that “General Broadcasting Careers” were more popular, overall. In light of that, we developed a 41 Careers in Broadcasting ebook that has been ten times more popular in generating traffic and leads than the sports one we developed, essentially giving us a new segment. So how do you find other target customer groups? Here are some suggestions: Identify your top keywords Use Google Analytics or a program like Hubspot to see which keywords folks are using to find you. How many keywords should you analyze? Start with your top 20 per cent. Look for themes like brand terms (i.e., the name of your business and variations) or industry terms (e.g., broadcasting careers). Don’t forget about the long-tail phrases either. In another example, we found that a few variations of “types of radio careers” added up to significant traffic for us – effectively giving us an “Interested in Radio DJ” segment. Track your most popular posts If you have a blog, what topics draw the most interest? Compare and contrast with your keyword data and the other methods discussed in this post. Poll your audience Every time I survey my customers, I
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