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When we think of Scrapbooking what do we really think of? Do we think of pictures? Do we think of art? What really is Scrapbooking? Why do people scrapbook? Most people believe people that scrapbooking is for people that have a lot of time on their hands or for lazy people. They think that its a waste of time. Others may not have the craft ability to do it. I myself believe scrapbooking is a ton of fun. I believe it is not a waste of time. I believe people scrapbook for many reason. These reasons may be to preserve memories, to make a present, to have fun, to share feelings regarding events, to keep track of events or special moments, and to remind yourself of a good time that has already gone to past. I believe scrapbooking is great for dicussions, talking about old times, and memories with loved ones. We can also dicuss comparisons and resemblances between loved ones. With a little patience and an open mind you can make the most memorable scrapbook for generations to come. The list is endless when deciding how and what you want in your scrapbook. Scrabooking is a unique craft that can take a lot of time and commitment. First we start off with the material we need. We will need many materials like cardstock, patterned paper, trimming tools, writing untensals, adhesives, and a scrapbook of your choice with the clear protector sheets. These are the basic materials to get started. I have always got my material at Walmart, they have a pretty good scrapbook selection. I always pick pretty designed scrapbooks and patterened paper. The design you choose is a way of expresssing yourself. The more you express yourself the more meaning your book will have. The next step we should take in our scrapbook process is the photo center. We must decide what photos we want to use and why. The reason we want to know why we choose these photos is because we want to have a good idea

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