How to Read Literature Like a Professor Essay

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How to Read Literature like a Professor, written by Thomas C. Foster, explains how to understand the way teachers look at literature. He explains it in a joking way throughout the book, almost like he is making fun of professors, himself included. Writing in this light hearted way really keeps the book from becoming boring, and you really end up actually enjoying the read. There are many concepts in this book and there are so many works of literature that you can connect back to these concepts. The first concept that I came across that really had me make a connection to something I had read was “Nice to Eat with You: Acts of Communion.” This chapter instantly drew me in because it really made me think of the word communion in a new light. He explains “communion doesn’t need to be holy. Or even decent (Foster 9).” The word communion can just simply have to do with how characters are or are not getting along. The work of literature that came to mind while reading this chapter was a short story called “Birthday Party,” written by Katharine Brush. In this short story a husband and wife are out for dinner to celebrate the husband’s birthday. The wife had planned a little surprise for him and in the end the husband ended up embarrassed and causing his wife to cry. This story shows how communion over a meal can go very wrong. This couple is supposed to be out for a nice dinner to celebrate a special day together in communion, but it turns out horribly wrong. Communion “constitutes a shared experience (Foster 9).” The wife was so excited to share this experience of a surprise with her husband, but all that he was worried about was how embarrassed he was. His reaction caused the devastation of his wife and the communion that she was hoping to be shared to be broken. The next concept that really drew me in was “It’s more than Just Rain or Snow.”This chapter had to do
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