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How to “Read” an Artwork When reading artwork you go through a divided process that will help you evaluate what you are examining. You start off with looking at your description. Next, you will move to you analysis. In the end, you will transfer over to the interpretation process. There are many ways to take an approach to every angle of reading art and it can be easy but also hard at the same time. When looking at the description I will want to start with the background of the art to establish a firm backbone of the reading I am doing. I can look at things such as the artist, type, name, and the time it was created. Once I have a solid background of the art I will transfer to the subject matter and form. I will want to see what is going on in the artwork and look for lines and shapes. With form I want to get in depth and evaluate textures, colors, values, space, depth and see if it is a proportionate drawing, painting, etc. Many others are involved in the form of an art such as, the emphasis of a design, perspective, unity, patterns, movement, variety, harmony, and last but not least the contrast of a artwork. Next, I will move on to my analysis of an artwork. I will examine to see if the artist was trying to make a close observation of a piece in the painting, drawing, etc. to represent something realistically. When looking at this I will want to search out to see if there is an emphasis on the design elements, examples are lines and shapes. While looking for symbols I will also run across visions to see if the artists is trying to show energy and movement concentration. I want to look out for the expression of the feeling and/or mood of the artwork. In relation to this I will want to compare the feeling of the art to the way the feeling makes me feel inside or outside. A question I will ask myself is, “How has this made me feel”. I will then look

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