How To Read And Write An Illustration Essay

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Kosgei 1 Baruf kosgei Mrs.Briggs, instructor English Comp I, MWF, 11:00 Illustration essay 3rd April 2014 Illustration essay In “learning to read and write”Douglous is telling how he struggled to obtain education. He must have known the importance of education that’s why he did everything it cost in order to get education. Many people are still struggling with illiteracy .It is well known that being educated is of a big advantage to every individual. In most countries of the world factors that contribute to illiteracy includes poverty, gender inequality and high population. Poverty has been a very great hindrance to education in many developing countries. In some countries children have to go to work before attending school so as to get money for tuition and other requirements. Due to poverty children have to wake up early before sunrise and walk…show more content…
This has made women to be illiterate as the men acquire the best education. The Kosgei 2 reason they are doing this is because the belief women are inferior over the men and should not have anything good. Although United Nations has discouraged such culture it is still gaining popularity in many countries around the world. Such cultures make women to be slaves of men and deny them freedom of education. Some religion in the society has been unable to move with the time, they reject modern education claiming that it is a threat to their beliefs and the way of life.Consequently,the children of such house hold are also deprived the opportunity to study in modern schools and free their minds from conservative ideologies. Such people have made religion to lose its purpose of binding peoples mind to virtues of new learning, innovation and

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