How To Put On Make Up Like Me

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How to Put Make Up On Like Me Katherine House Hodges University English Fundamentals 2 Professor K. Tullo 08/05/2011 How to Put On Make Up Like Me Many women in the world use make up for many reasons. Usually a lot of them use it for all day purposes and so on. Some women use make up, but do not have a clue what looks gorgeous and what does not. So it all depends on the knowledge that the specific women knows of. First off, how to put on makeup like me would be first applying liquid eyeliner on top of the eyelash. Then, apply a streak line on the side of both eyes to make the eye seem wider. Make sure the liquid line is nice and organized so it will not mismatch the other eye and so they will look equal. After that apply mascara on both top and bottom eyelashes. Make sure to apply a lot of mascara so that it looks very thick and black. Next off, apply a matching liner to the eyebrow to make the eyebrow sharp and more noticeable. Then add a blackish brown eye shadow near the liquid eyeliner line. After that below the brow, apply a shady gold beige eye shadow until it meets the blackish brown eye shadow. With a blending brush, blend the brown and the gold together so both colos do not have a line between them. Make sure that the blend of both eye shadows will not pass the side of the eyebrow. Lastly, brush warm pink blush around the cheek. Then apply to the forehead and chin until all parts of the face look equal and clean. After that, wipe the blush parts with all four fingers until it blends with the skin. Have a pink natural looking lipstick and apply a little to the lips. Have a piece of cloth or toilet paper near and place on the lips to make sure the lipstick will not wear off. In conclusion, every woman has their own style and way to apply their makeup. It should make the person satisfied with their self when they look in the mirror. Mainly

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