How to Pursue Your Dream Essay

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Life is about making choices and decisions. Throughout life, I’ve made decisions, some regretted and some a life experience. But the most important lesson I’ve learned is that one should never dwell on the past. It’s always good to take negative experiences, re-create them into a positive lesson, and refrain from repeating them in the future. I’ve experienced many hardships, both educational and in personal life. It is through these hardships, that I have become a well-rounded person, more disciplined, focused, and determined to fulfill my future goals. I have remained motivated and passionate about my dreams and I have decided that no matter what hurdles I face, I will remain focused and will continue to push towards my goals. In my twenty years of living, going back as far as I could remember, I have always wanted to be a nurse. Nursing wasn’t something that I decided to do overnight. This is a dream that has been with me from the day I was able to understand the meaning of a suitable career. However, I’m still stuck between where my dreams are conceived and where my dreams are realized. I am at the point in my life now where I am ready to take a chance on the future that I have always envisioned. Being a nurse is something that I have dreamt about my whole life and as the days go by I find myself being more and more passionate about it every day. A lot of people believe that nursing is just taking care of people. I believe that it’s more than just that. It has many different aspects and it is a rewarding career not just financially, but professionally. Along with the great rewards and bonuses, I see a lot of growth within this career. By working and interacting with people who are sick, you can count your blessings daily. This career allows you to recognize and appreciate life even more and never take advantage of the breaths that you take. This is why I choose

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