How To Pursue A Career In The US Army

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Since June 14th, 1775 the US Army has been on the frontlines of every American conflict from the American Revolution to the war on terror. The career of being a soldier has relevance in today’s society because when Americas attack we need men and women that are willing to go and engage and destroy the enemies of the United States foreign and domestic in close-combat. In the world at large this career applies to every country because we have servicemen and women deployed to almost every country other than Iraq and Afghanistan. The educational requirements are having a high school diploma or GED equivalent and the nature of the work can vary depending on the MOS or in civilian terms your job like infantry you’re in direct combat with the enemy and so on for the MOS’s ( The possible earnings again vary depending on rank, MOS, and any other special duty pay you may receive and advancement opportunities are by obtaining rank which you get from years of service and excelling PT tests and just being a good soldier ( You can become a soldier by meeting with a recruit, attending Basic Combat Training, and then attending AIT or Advanced Individual Training. The type of education you need to attend Basic Combat Training is first your high school diploma to prove you graduated high school then you take the ASVAB to…show more content…
The chances for a promotions or advancement are by being in a certain number of years, doing well of Physical fitness tests and just acting like a soldier and living up to the values that were put before you the day you raised you right hand. Also you can receive special duty pay which is for soldiers that are Rangers, Airborne, or Green Berets and so on ( Lastly there is hazardous pay which is for soldiers that are deployed and constantly in danger from the

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