How to Protect Yourself Against Identity Theft

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How to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft MaryClaire Estes South University September 21, 2012 Robert Vasile South University Online Abstract Identity theft is a growing crime in today’s society. People affected the most by identity theft are the elderly and young adults beginning to grow their credit history, others victimized are typically not tech savvy and don’t realize just they are sharing their personal information or realize just how crooked people can be. Everyone should know how to protect themselves as well as their children from this crime. It takes years to build your credit but just one thief to ruin it. The worst thing about identity theft is that you can’t get a new social security card. Your credit is ruined, and you are left with the same social security number tied to da destroyed credit history. Additionally, credit bureaus do not proceed with identity theft prosecution unless the damages are considered great enough and within their specific time ranges. This paper shares valuable information about ways to protect yours self, and how to proceed should your identity become compromised. How to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft Identity is important to all young adults starting out in this world. It is what identifies you as a responsible person or a non-reliable person. It also allows emergency people to identify you because only you have your Social Security Number (SSN) it is specific to you and you alone. A SSN is also a very valuable piece of information its like finding a 15 ounce gold nugget to someone who has destroyed credit and are up a tree with no way of getting down. Those at the highest risk of someone stealing their identity are young adults starting out in college and beginning to build their credit as well the elderly. Young adults have no credit so they can either destroy or build their credit. The elderly are
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