How To Promote Professional Development

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Unit Reference Number: L/602/2578 Promote professional Development Understand principles of Professional Development Health and Social sector changed dramatically over the last 30 years. It has had major influence within the society of care and blended into people’s everyday life. People have different expectations of the quality of care and Support they need. The Care is directed at personalised and partnership care working together. Having this approach it helps to develop in your company and then look at other Organisations and how they work. It creates new ideas. This will share new skills and knowledge to success and change approaches to any care which can be introduced and progress to better standards of care. The Company I work…show more content…
After the interview process if the candidate is successful the person will have an observation day shadowing staff and if they are happy, Management request proof of address, two references and an application form to be filled in by the candidate, they will then be invited to come for four induction days which will give the person an induction into how the company is run and for the staff to observe the person and decide whether they have meet the expectations of the job role, during these four days observations are completed, a thorough induction into each care home is given, Firstly a tour of the building is done, then the fire exits and how to evacuate if there is an emergency. The candidate will then read up on our Emergency plan and the policies and procedures. We have an employee handbook that is also available for the candidate to read as it will give an insight to all the entitlements the person will be entitled to within the job. The candidate will then fill out declarations and after the candidate will then sit with the management and will be given a brief induction of each of our service users and a little on their history. An introduction to our care management system will be shown and also the service users care plans will be given to the candidate to…show more content…
The company offers a 5 day induction programme with a training provider, Deprivation of liberty training, Safe guarding vulnerable adults, Manual handling, first aid, medication both e-learning and practical is provided, Learning Disabilities training course, NVQ level 2, Mental health awareness, Diabetes, Epilepsy, Intense music therapy and many more. We promote staff to do as much training as possible as it broadens there learning and will give them more knowledge to do their job to the best of their ability. Once in the company after 6 weeks a meeting is held and a discussion about how the staff feels there getting on is discussed, any worries, concerns can be shared and can be resolved. Also staff will give feedback on how the staff member is doing and if there is anything they need to improve on and also giving praise as to how they are working. Staff have monthly catch up meetings with management and observations are done regularly on

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