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How to Prewrite When using prewriting in the research process, it is important to do it correctly. Pre writing is a very important part of the paper, it gives the writer time to figure out what they are writing about and the ideas that possibly might appear in their paper. There are many different methods to use while prewriting. The most two effective would be brainstorming and free-write. Using brainstorming and free-writing in the prewriting process are the two best types of prewriting, The first step of prewriting the writer should choose a topic that they have knowledge over or if writing a research paper a topic that has plenty of information, choosing a topic can be difficult. Brainstorming can also be used as a good tactic for coming up with a topic to write about. For example, listing out 3 different topics, Capital Punishment, Prisons, and Rehabilition programs and choosing one that would best work for the paper. Brainstorming is a type of prewriting that involves listing, listing ideas on a blank piece of paper about the topic. Brainstorming is extremley helpful while trying to put ideas together. Each idea given on the paper can branch out and lead to other ideas that can be written about in depth later on in the paper, for example say my topic was Prisons, I would list the things that came to mind, possibly why prisons are important, or the reasons of a prison, and maybe even if prisons are helpful. While giving listing ideas remember that these can be the future body paragraphs in an essay, so while listing remember to give a good amount of ideas, the writer should have 10 to 12 ideas on his or her paper. The next form of pre writing that a writer could use is free writing. Free writing is as simple as it sounds. Having a blank piece of lined notebook paper and a pencil is necessary. Once thinking about the topic that has already been choosen

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