How to Prepare for a Job Interview

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Name: Tram Ho Class: IETP – 011 Due date: Mar 4, 2015 HOW TO PREPARE FOR A JOB INTERVIEW A job interview is one of the most important ways of making a first impression. It’s also your opportunity to show your communication skills to the interviewer. To prepare for a job interview, follow these fundamental steps. First of all, research the company’s profile and background in order to be ready to talk in depth about the industry, the organization, and the position you are applying for. Then think of questions to ask your interviewer, it maybe give a good impression of your level of interest in the job. Next, guest questions from the interviewer and practice the answers with your friends, it will also help you to be more confident and comfortable during the interview. After that, on the day of the interview, show up in the best possible shape, wearing an office uniform makes you look better. Now show courtesy to everyone during the interview, look everyone in the eye and smile, speak clearly and say “please” or “thank you” always get a good mark. Finally, be honest and keep things simple and short in your interview. Don’t talk too much because the interviewer will likely lose interest in what you are saying. To sum up, an interview is the first step you have in order to get a job. So if you follow these steps in your job interview, you will be better prepared for your interview and give a good

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