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How To Prepare For A Job Interview Essay

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Running head:   HOW TO PREPARE
How to Prepare For a Job Interview
Hope Green
Colorado Technical University
April 22, 2012

How to Prepare for a Job Interview
I How to Prepare for a Job Interview-The intent of this presentation is to show
You how to properly apply for a job, in this case to be a business manager
  A. It takes less than 30 seconds (sometimes even five) for the person
Interviewing you to form an opinion about you .   (Sampat, A., 2012).
B.   Very important because it is the second step in applying for a job
C   Be prepared by first doing a mock interview at home
D.   Thesis Statement-An interviewer can tell in 10 seconds or less if you are the
                  Right person for the job, prepare for the interview ahead of time to make a
                  Good impression
II. Research the company
  A. The person that interviews you will likely want to see what you know about the company you have applied too
  B. Say something about the company that excites you, something you learned while researching it
III. Be prepared to answer questions about you
  A. Think about the positions you have held that are similar to the one you are applying for and have that information in your mind
  B. Use this opportunity to brag on yourself, this is the only time that you will probably be asked to do so
IV. Memorize the company’s mission statement
  A. Study the mission statement and be able to list at least one area of your life that lines up with the company’s goal(s)
  B. Talk about something the company recently did that impressed you and also fulfilled one part or all of their mission statement
V. Conclusion
A.   Do you have any questions for the interviewer?
B.   Closing comments/concerns
C.   Are you right for this company/Is this company right for you

The responsibilities of a business manager will depend upon the type of business that person will be managing, how many employees they will directly oversee, and how many...

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