How to Polish Your Nails Essay

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Having a nice manicure is something just about every woman loves. But the cost of going to a salon and having it done can add up and it doesn’t always fit into the budget. One way of saving money and still have a nice manicure, is by doing it yourself. It’s easy to do, if you follow a few simple steps. The following steps will show you how to polish your nails and give yourself a home manicure. There are five basic steps to follow and then you will be surprised at how easy it is to do your own nails. The first step is to prepare your nails for nail polish. If you have old polish on, you need to remove it. Take several cotton balls and nail polish remover and begin removing to old polish, one nail at a time. It is best to soak the cotton ball with remover and then wipe the nail over and over until all the polish has been taken off. After you have finished with all the nails, wash your hands and dry completely. The second step is to pick a polish in a color of choice. Brighter colors are best for short nails and darker colors, like purple, blue or black look best on longer nails. You should also use a newer polish. Using old nail polish is difficult because it becomes thick and sticky and is hard to put on the nail smoothly. You can always put a couple of drops of nail polish remover in a bottle of old nail polish to thin it out and make it easier to use. Step three is to gather all the supplies you need to polish your nails. These include a bottle of clear polish,, nail color you chose, cuticle stick and cotton swabs. You should also be ready to work at a flat table. Having everything ready before you start will make the process go faster as well as prevent smudging. Smudging will occur if you are constantly looking for

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