How to Play Your Strengths Essay

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Summary: How to play your strengths The lectures propose a tool called “Reflected Best Self” (RBS) to know our strengths and use it to our favor. RBS was designed as a complementary alternative to traditional feedbacks that focus more on the negative aspects. RBS is only one of the tools of a new approach called positive organizational scholarship (POS), this new approach is based on the idea that people respond better to praise than to criticism. RBS has four steps: • On the first step feedback is asked from diverse people (family members, past and present colleagues, friends, teachers, and so on). The response must include the strength that the other person sees and a specific situation that showed that strength. • The second step is to recognize patterns in the answers, is very likely that many people will recognize the same strengths and also new strength that the test-taker is not aware or didn’t consider as strength. • The third step is to compose your self-portrait, this will be a two to four paragraphs beginning with the sentence “When I am at my best, I…” in order to cement the image of yourself on your consciousness. • The fourth and final step is to redesign your job, this means to redesign your job description to build on the strengths. When there isn’t a close match between your strengths and the ones your position require it means that you may not be in the right position for you therefore it will be difficult to do a good job or it will lead to frustration. “Why would a natural third baseman labor to develop his skills as a right

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