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How to Play the Trombone Essay

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  • on December 3, 2013
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How to Play the Trombone

When you think of the word “instrument”, what things seem to come to mind? Trumpet? Saxophone? Clarinet? That one instrument with the slide thing and no buttons? If you internally started to picture the latter choice, then congratulations, you’ve officially thought about the trombone. It is the foundation of anything musical you may hear in your lifetime, it’s what hold the ensemble together. As silly as it looks and sounds, the trombone is something that I will always hold near to my heart. And if you’re reading this, that also means that you want to experience the exact same feeling, learning how to play this “black sheep” of musical instruments. If not, then you’re obviously reading the wrong how-to guide. I’m no expert at this myself, but I have spent the last seven to eight years attempting to perfect what I’ve learned so far, and hopefully I can pass my knowledge onto someone else.
Now, I’m sure when you declared that you’re going to play trombone, you thought it would be as simple as purchasing the brass, staring at it, and learning all of the secrets of how it functions and whatnot. Simple, right? Well unless you’re Anthony Thompson, that isn’t nearly the case at hand. There’s more to it than sliding your arm in and out and making raucous sound; however that is part of it. Keep in mind that this will be a costly endeavor, not to mention a huge strain on your lungs, so this isn’t something to do for kicks.
The first and most important step in playing the trombone is obviously, buying the trombone. After all, how were you planning on blowing if you had nothing to blow into in the first place? Your first decision before you step out of the door and into your car is where you plan on making your purchase. There are several places as to where you could get it from; it varies from pawn shops to actual music stores, it just depends on the area in which you live. If you buy it from a pawn shop, the condition of the instrument can...

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