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Michael Anthony Quiles September the 24th, 2013 ID: 83497 ENGL: 0110 How to Play Soccer Soccer is the sport with the largest fan base worldwide, with more than 3 billion fans. Soccer (more known like “futbol” in Latin America) is a sport that is played on a rectangular court of grass during a period of 90:00 minutes by eleven players on each side of the team. The point of the game is to kick the spherical ball inside the score area defended by the goal keeper, and the team with most goals wins the match. The team is divided in three major parts for the game; forwards, midfielders and defenders. To play a midfielder, a defender or even a forward, you will need some specific attributes. A forward is a player who is responsible for most of a team's scoring. They play in front of the rest of their team where they can take most of the shots. To play a forward, you must have the brains and agility, being able to confuse the defender is a key element so you can goal in a more efficient way. And you will need the strength in your feet so you can kick the ball hard enough so the goal keeper does not see it coming. The defenders are player who works mainly in the defensive third of the field. They are primarily focused on stopping the opposition’s attackers from scoring. To play the defending side in a team, one must have a lot of courage, because once the other team has the ball, they will come ramming towards you, and you must stop them from trying to score in your goal area. You mostly need to be really rough and tough with them, and once you take the ball from them, you have to kick it to the midfielders as quickly as possible. The midfielders are the most important players in the whole team. They are players generally positioned in the middle third of the field between the forwards and defenders. Their job is to link the defense and the offense

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