How To Play Defense Basketball Essay

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Jorge Soto Narration Paper The night at the cemetery The scariest thing that has ever happened to me would be going to the cemetery at night time to visit one of my friend’s younger brothers that passed away .Earlier that day, my girlfriends friend asked us if we wanted to go with her and her boyfriend to go visit his passed away brother. Later they picked us up and we started to go on our way. That night when I was at the cemetery with my girlfriend and her friend and also her boyfriend to see his brother we started to walk towards the little boy’s grave, her boyfriend started to get emotional so we all stayed silent. It was really dark there and out of nowhere we started to hear little kids laughing and running around. We started to look at each other to see if we all heard it or if it was something else after that we left. A couple of weeks later we went back and the same thing happened to us like it happened to us last time. We start hearing people laughing again but this time we got scared and we all looked at each other and we started to walk towards the noise. Out of nowhere we start hearing all these weird noises that stared coming from everywhere and my girl and her friend stared screaming and really flipping out and then we stared hearing banging and kids were laughing and we also heard ladies screaming all over the cemetery so we started to run and my girlfriend’s friend tripped on the way to the car and hit her face but she was ok. She told us that she had felt someone tripped her but there was nobody there, as we get father away we kept hearing the noises but far away. All of us ran to the car we were all “what just happen that was crazy, was there someone actually there?” We could not believe what we just when threw, we actually heard and thought there was little kids and people there at first but then we didn’t see anybody we could

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