How to Plan a Party

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How to plan a party first you need food, fun, friends, dancing, and a memorable night are all parts of an awesome party. Essential needs of a good party are food, entertainment, comfort, and style. People must enjoy and remember this party. In order to prepare for this party, good planning and money are needed. If you have a lot of money than you can have a killer party. But if you are on a budget you can still have a killer party just a little more simple.First of all a location must be found. You must find a cool place or club where you can host the party and hold ever how many people you invite. With good space, people are able to move around better and have a more comfortable time for dining and dancing. A dance floor and a DJ platform is certainly needed and important if you can afford it. If not a low key place like your on back yard would be great! Aspect of a good location is cleanness and parking. Cleanness in the bathrooms and in the environment adds to the comfort of the party and relaxation. Second you must find a good catering service and send invitations to ever how many people you choose to invite, invite according to your budget because you need to stay in budget with food and stuff.If money is no object go all out, If you have caters They must be able to make good appetizers. With a choice of two main dishes, if your on a budget go more simple, just do burgers and hot dogs.Entertainment has a huge role in a party if your not on a budget go all out. I suggest a Dj but hey if you are on a budget that's fine crank up some of your favorite music, or even play some cool games.Either way if you are on a budget, or a budget is not an option you can still have a great
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