How to Personify Death

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Unique ways to personify Death In many different ways death can be personified and by many people, But by three very unique authors they personify death each in a very simple way and compared to The Book Thief they are very different. Emily Dickinson is unique because all of her poems can be sung to the same song. She personifies death in her poem as friendly when she states “We passed the school, where children strove, we passed the fields of grazing grain, and we passed the setting sun”. It seems that death and the body do everything together. Also the poem all together is flat compared to the book which is more round compared to the state of beings death is. And both the poem death and the book death are gentle, civil and immoral. Dickinson uses very unique words as gossamer and immortality. John Donne is unique for many reasons one is that he wrote them in 1572-1631 so the text is like Shakespeare. In our book death is talking to us, but in this poem the guy is talking to death. In the book death doesn’t like his job, but in the poem death is very proud of what he is doing. The narrators in both the book and poem don’t kill us we do it to ourselves. The poem states that death has no power over eternal life. Well in the present day it’s the same. No one has power over eternal life except God. The last poem that caught my attention is Death, An intimate Moment. This poem is by Daniel Fiorelli. This poem caught my attention because it’s a story about how death is falling in love with the body/ soul he is taking. Daniel also stated some quotes that caught my eye some are “after a while she lifted my chin” which I took as the soul has all of her senses which includes touch, smell, sound, scent, etc. “young” woman, petite and fair skinned, had eyes as old as time” which means the body that the death took was a body and not a soul like in the book. Finally,

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