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Haleigh Fulco 1 December 2011 How to Highlight Hair Using the Cap Method Introduction: Many men and women worldwide choose to highlight their hair for various reasons. Whether it is to cover gray hairs or to try a new style, highlights have grown to become a very popular trend amongst the population. Highlights add color and dimension to anyone’s hair and although going to a salon can cost up to $100 purchasing a kit at a local convenient store can provide the same results for less. This paper will demonstrate how to use the highlighting cap method by purchasing the right kit, mixing the powder and conditioning the hair to avoid damage. Materials needed include: * Highlighting Kit which includes highlighting cap, hook, applicator brush, bleach and developer * Hair brush * Plastic gloves Follow the step-by-step procedure to ensure the best highlights possible: Step 1: Visit a local convenient store to purchase all of the needed materials. Choose a highlighting cap that matches the consumer’s specific needs. While choosing the perfect highlights keep in mind some highlighting caps offer more “chunky” or thicker look while others offer a more natural look. Warning: “When highlighting your hair, make sure you don't touch your clothes. The highlighting powder is really powerful and it will bleach just about anything.” (“How to Highlight…”) Step 2: Use the hairbrush to comb out the hair to avoid knots. “This will make pulling your hair through the highlighting cap much easier and it will ensure an even distribution of the highlights.” (“How to Highlight…”) Step 3: Place the highlighting cap on the head. Then take the highlighting hook and pull sections of the hair through the highlighting cap. Once all of the hair is pulled through carefully inspect each section to make sure all of the hair is pulled through and not just a strand. Warning: By

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