How to Paint a Lily,

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The author’s use of literary techniques reveal his attitude of calmness, patience and prosperity in the poem “How to paint a Lily.” His task of painting a Lily is actually very difficult. He lets the reader see how difficult it is by using various elements of literary techniques. The context shows the writers view of painting a Lily as appreciative. Tone in “How to Paint a Lily” was shown through various literary techniques as well as words used in the poem. The author’s experience in painting a Lily is difficult. He doesn’t firsthandedly try to physically “paint” the Lily, he’s painting a picture of the Lily. He uses dragonflies as an example, which makes the reader look at the authors as a painter. In lines ‘25-26’ the author shows the dragonflys annoyance and feelings with the The author uses personification by referring to the dragonfly as a “her” and saying she is horrored which is why she left the Lily. The author is very patient with the fact that he has to paint the Lily but it is revealed that he’s doing more than painting the Lily. He is also painting everything surrounding the flower, a full scenery. As time goes on and on he goes deeper and deeper with painting, being fully waist deep. He personifies time by saying “ignorant of age as of now”, along with connotating a lot through out the poem, lines, 7, 10, and 15 yse negative connotations of the muse for his paintning with his patience he does notice a lot about the flies. Line 11 is the start of his view od actually paying attention to intricate detailing. The artist was able to paint a more vivid picture of a Lily. In the poem “To pinat a water Lily” Ted Hughes uses various literary techniques to let the reader know what his experience was like painting a
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