How to Paint a Bedroom Essay

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How to Paint Your Bedroom Have you ever sat in your bedroom and said “Hey this wall color in here is horrible, what was I thinking”? I know you answered yes to this question because everyone has asked themselves this including myself. Well you will have to ask your parents if you are even allowed to paint your bedroom. Well I had to ask for permission, yup I still live under my parents roof. You have to carefully approach your mom while she’s watching her favorite show on HGTV “Love it or List it”. Do not worry one bit, it will not be a difficult task because your mother loves to do stuff like this. Once you inform her about you wanting to paint your bedroom, she’ll get all excited and get her keys to take you to the nearest “Lowes” or “Home Depot”. Your mother will most likely say that she’s going to take you to Lowes because the gallons of paint are cheaper there. However if you do not longer live with your parents then you can just skip the asking your parents part and just drive yourself to the nearest paint department store. Once you have arrived at Lowes or the paint store of your choice, ask an associate where the paint color swatches are located. This is the hardest part, choosing the best paint color for your bedroom. You might want to choose a color that calms you. Soft blues and greens can help create a calming paint color. If you were wanting to go with something more chic, I would personally go with the reds and burgundies. Or maybe if you wanted something more neutral, you can look at the light browns and creams. After you’ve chosen a color swatch take it to the associate and they will definitely ask you what kind of paint you want. There are about five different types of paint you can get flat, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss, or high-gloss. The flat paint is less expensive and shine free. The eggshell paint is dries like the surface of an actually egg

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