How to: Murder Essay

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The secret is to not get caught I have consistently heard of murders being caught for unexplainable stupidity. I am no murder and do not plan to be one. However, I do feel I have enough common sense to be one damn good murder. Murder is like anything else in life. It’s not very difficult, but it has to be done just right. The setup For the first quality tip wear gloves, an obvious but very efficient tip when trying not to get caught. Leather is not a good choice it collects too much DNA. Neoprene gloves are probably going to be your best bet, especially over latex. Latex allergies are becoming more common today. If several of your victims end up with rashes, it could be a common factor to lead back to you, the killer. Also you yourself could be allergic to latex and that would just be an unfortunate event. Aside from gloves shoes are an important detail when planning a murder. You’ll want to spend time choosing the pair of shoes that’s right for you. For your first time, you may want to consider a pair of sneakers. Sneakers allow you to sneak better and have wonderful flexibility. In case you make a mistake mid murder, sneakers will allow you to make a hasty escape. As you become involved in more murders, make sure vary your choice of shoe. You do not want to leave a consistent footprint. Choosing your victim This next step is crucial to your success as a murderer. Only murder people you barely know for reasons no one can understand. Don’t murder people who make you mad or inflict pain upon you. Certainly not people you share a bed or grandma with. However don’t murder a homeless person, it’s lazy and nobody respects that. But it is beneficial to kill someone who might as well be homeless or a prostitute. People who are easy to abduct and can be lured into poorly-lit areas, they can be gone for more than a few days before anyone notices or cares, and they
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