How To Manage Your Money Essay

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University students rarely have any extra cash to spend. They’re always looking for new ways to save money. The following 20 tips can help: 1. Rent textbooks. Instead of spending full price to purchase your textbooks, rent them for a much cheaper rate. Alternatively, get e-book or half-price versions of your books.Whenever possible (such as with lit classes) just get the books from the library. 2. Get renter’s insurance. Protect yourself from the inevitable thefts of items like your laptop, mp3 player and bike by protecting yourself against those losses. Yes, you pay a little now but it’s one those times when spending can save you a lot of money. 3. Get drunk for cheap. University students spend more money than they should on drinking with their buddies. Check out our article on 20 ways to save money on getting drunk. 4. Go on frugal romantic dates. It is a lot of fun to spend your university years going on dates. It can also end up being expensive especially for the guys. Check out our ideas for 30 frugal romantic dates. 5. Take public transportation. University campuses and the surrounding areas usually don’t require cars. Why pay for one? Give up you car until after graduation and save yourself a lot of money. Plus public transportation is often offered cheap or free to students. 6. Enjoy a cheap adrenaline rush. Need to show off for your friends? Feeling restless after being cramped up in a classroom all day? Check out the 10 hottest adrenaline rush activities for people who are broke. 7. Take advantage of student discounts. You can get a cheaper price on everything from museum admissions to computer software. Always ask if there’s a student discount before you pay for anything. 8. Get a smart student back account. Read the terms carefully to make sure that the bank accounts and credit cards you select are ones that offer good rates and

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