How to Manage Teamwork Essay

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How To Manage Teamwork Teamwork is very essential in organizations today. With teamwork, tasks can be completed quicker and products can be produced at a higher quality. Some organizations, however, have a problem with teamwork because the teams do not mesh well together. This paper will describe the ways in which to create, manage, and execute teamwork. For example, what to help people in the team to avoid, (negative energy, polarized thinking, ect.), team building exercises, and different ways to make the environment for the teams better. Ways to make the team better In a team, you will have people from different backgrounds and with different life experience and beliefs systems. Our beliefs create the assumptions we have about the world around us, whether right or wrong. These individual belief systems can cause difficulty when people are put together in teams. The differing belief systems can make it hard for a team to work together, to make decisions, to solve problems, and to communicate together (Dahlke, 2010B). This will not be the only problem you will have when it comes to different people. Sometimes communication is lost in teams. Things are said that were meant as one thing but because of a person’s personal history they were taken as another. This will bring unnecessary conflict into the group and cause the team to have an even rougher go at things (Dahlke, 2015). Along with those problems, things like Polarized Thinking and Group Think can also become an issue for team members. Polarized thinking is taking a situation and exaggerating it while making it seem much worse than it really is. For example, when you are in an argument with someone and they say “You’re always yelling at me!” when in truth you’ve never really raised your voice at them before. As you see, polarized thinking uses strong emotion to bring up a situation and make it blow

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