How to Manage Stress Essay

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How to Manage Stress After a busy day, it is reasonable that people would like to take a rest, entertainment or do some work-out to release our tiring weary. But some part of people are used to take their pressure of job home which always cause them insomnia or headache. To me, exercising is the best choice to release my pressure when I have a lots of boring test and annoying homework also accompanying me to fight the big exam entrancing the collage. Why I recommend it is that exercising is really benefit to our health. Sometimes we see many experts on TV or in the newspaper telling people how to cure insomnia from stress or irregular diet and stay healthy…etc. And the most common way is ‘’Exercise.’’ Exercise does good in many ways to release stress. To illustrate, you can lift up your spirit, improve your blood circulation and wipe off your stress with sweat. Among every kind of exercises, jogging is my favorite. No matter how busy I am, I must have to go jog for thirty minutes every day. No matter I have test tomorrow or not I still do it. Because in the process, I can think many things, recite vocabulary words, slow down my temper, I take it as my habit. In addition, traveling is an entertaining and educational activity but a useful way to manage your stress. When you travel abroad or in Taiwan, one can learn new things and gain experiences considerably as one is forced to read maps on one’s own, or taste local specialties that are too exotic to be imagined. As an old Chinese proverb goes, why not travel a thousand miles instead of reading a thousand books. In my opinion, when I learn something new, I can forget many terrible or annoying business. To older people, in nowadays, are used to be strained, anxious or tensed even let it become a normal part of present-day life. First I think that you must realize what pressurized you seriously and

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