How to Manage Stress Essay

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Paula Fatibene 306.9 / 9.1 /9.2/9.3/9.4 How to manage stress Here are some of the reasons that we could be stressed in our life, knowing how to cope and manage it on a day to day basis can be helpful. Stress over a long time could lead to depression, anxiety or even Mental Health problems; it can be because of lack of control over a situation, or even what’s happening. Life style changes, the ability to be able to relax with the use of talking over problem’s, being able to even meditate, or even go to somewhere that’s calming for you will help. In my work role I deal with stress most of the time, as our clients all have different Mental Health issues, this can sometimes make myself feel very stressed at times, and for the sake of my clients I have to deal with so I deal with their stress levels, at the home we have access to a physiotherapist who we can call on at anytime, should we need too, or there’s the manager who will help cope with the situation by either taking over from us, whilst we take some time out, from the situation. Some of the reasons that could initiate my stress levels to go up are; Work/ home life balance, financial reasons. Here are some reasons why people could get stressed; 1) Moving house 2) Getting married 3) Death 4) Unemployed 5) Finance (lack of) 6) Divorce 7) Caring for disabled family member 8) Work load. And here are some reasons why my clients may get stressed; 1) Routine may have got changed 2) Client may have phobias 3) They may only be used to baths not showers 4) Even a certain noise 5) A visitor who they have never met. 6) Paranoia 7) Food disorder 8) Leaving the

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