How to Make Your Ap Lit Paper Better

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Ap Lit. How To Make Your Lit Grade Better. Ap Lit is like any other class you do homework, take test, and read books, but what separates a good student from a bad student is his/her effort. Effort is the key ingredient to life everybody you see flourishing in today’s society didn’t just get their by sitting down, watching TV, and hoping one day fame and success would come to them; no they put their best foot forward and went after their dream .In any class you should strive to do your best no matter if it’s a regular, honors, or an Ap class and being mediocre should never be good enough we should try and emulate the tops of our class and constantly be in a competition to surpass them, and the easiest way to make sure you succeed in doing this is put in a lot of effort . To make your AP grade better put in more effort simple. I know this may sound cliché but its true spending more time probably studying or maybe actually doing your homework is a start. I know I’m not perfect, I sure don’t always do my homework, sometimes I even make it seem like I do it but I know I didn’t. But all those have one thing in common; they are all actions that are results of lack of effort. A lack of effort is the universal first sign of laziness. Laziness is the silent killer that turns A’s to C’s and B’s to D’s. By skipping homework we are giving up free hundreds, and missing opportunities to actually better understand the material. Doing homework can make your Lit grade better. First of all by doing you homework you’re actually studying because you’re learning the material while you do it, or you are getting to see how well you actually know the material. Also by doing your homework you show that you are responsible enough to actually follow the teacher’s directions. There are many ways to make your lit grade better but the most obvious way is to put in more effort, and do your

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