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How to Make People to Say Yes The article “compliance Techniques Getting People to say Yes” by Shelley E. Taylor, Letita Anne Peplau David O. Sears in Ten Steps to Improving College Reading Skills. 3rd Edition edited by john Langon (Townsend Press 2003) lists in addition mode four ways to make others abbey someone’s appeal to do something. The first way is to induce a person to agree to a small request and later make a larger request. The second way is to make an extreme request and later an easy request. A third way is to ask someone to agree to something based on incomplete information and later to tell the whole story. And finally, the fourth way of compliance is when a person sells a product at a high price, allows the person to consider it and then adds an additional product for free or lowers the price. In the next paragraph I will show a story from own life that shows how the that’s-not-all-techniques influenced me to say yes. That’s-not-all-techniques is used by all people in every day live especially the sellers when they persuade the customers to buy their products. One day in 2005, I went to Honda agency with my uncle and my brother to ask about the Honda accord. The seller was very respected and funny. So, we started talking to each other about which Honda’s car is the best for my age. After that, he told me that the best choice is the accord because its size and its type. He said that if you bought this car you will get an extra product for free, for example, you will get a long guarantee and free services. He tried his best in order to persuade us to buy the car. The seller in this situation reminded me by That’s-Not-All-Technique in which the seller insist to change our mind about the car in order he can get benefit if he buys it. As I said earlier, people all over the world use the persuasive technique on a daily

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