How to Make Dumplings in Easy Steps

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You can make special and delicious vegetable dumplings by fallowing these easy steps. First, you need to prepare ingredients and cookers for make dumplings. You need flour, vegetable, tofu, mushroom, scallion, leaven, salt, pepper, soy sauce, and water. You also need two mixing bowls, a bowl, a kitchen board, a pair of chopsticks, a knife, a cup, and a pot. The second step is to put four or five cups of flour, room-temperature water, and leaven into one of mixing bowls. Then you can use chopsticks to mix them together, and it is basically like making pasta. Next, you can use your hands to knead the dough on the kitchen board since the dough become soft. Fifth, in order to make the dough fermentation, you keep the dough in the mixing bowl and put a bowl on the mixing bowl to cover the dough. After you complete that, cut vegetables, tofu, mushroom, and scallion in small piece. You can choose any vegetable which you like and cut up them, such as cabbage, lettuce, carrot, and celery, and so forth. The seventh step is put all of these stuff into another mixing bowl to mix them together. You also can up salt, pepper, and soy sauce into the mixture when you mix them up. For a little long time, the dough is ready when you think it is enough soft everywhere. Then make it to a roll and cut it about 2 centimeters pieces. After that, put these small piece dough into thin slices. These thin slices will become skin of dumplings. The next step is to fill the skin with mixture and wrap them up. You have sure to secure the edges or else the dumplings will open when boil them. Finally, boil a pot of water and put the dumplings in it. After a few minutes, when the dumplings float on the surface of boil water, the dumplings are cooked. Soon you will enjoy the special and delicious vegetable dumplings at the table with your

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