How to Make Cheese Essay

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It all started more than five thousand years ago in the middle of an Arabian Desert. After that much time, details tend to become a bit hazy, but here's how I imagine it happening: Our hero, let's call him Billy, who is living somewhere in the eastern Mediterranean decides to buy a golden necklace for his camel from the finest maker of camel accessories in the world, a guy named Steve living just south of Cairo. Most people, when heading out across the desert, fill a sheep stomach with water for the long, dry journey, but Billy is not like most people. Instead of water, he fills his sheep stomach with milk because he figures that way he'll kill two birds with one stone: he'll stay hydrated and have some caloric intake. After a day or two of trekking across the vast Arabian Desert, Billy finally gets thirsty and opens up his sheep stomach to drink some of his milk. When he pours out the now chunky liquid, he yells, "Holy shit! My milk got chunky. That's disgusting! I'm going to die because I have no liquid to sustain me. Why didn't I just bring water?" His camel just looks at him at him dumbly and thinks, "Silly humans, they have no humps." A day later, out of desperate hunger and thirst, Billy decides to just eat the chunky milk, thinking that eating it can't possibly be worse than death. Not only is the chunky milk better than death by starvation, it is delicious. The enzymes in the sheep stomach had caused the milk to begin coagulating into curds and whey instead of going sour. Billy, amazed at how good this new chunky milk tastes, decides right then and there to name it Cheese, which in his native language means, "Chunky milk coagulated by the rennet found in a sheep's stomach that tastes really, really good." Thousands of years later, we are still enjoying the results of Billy's accidental discovery. In fact, the chunky milk has evolved into over 400 varieties of

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