How to Make a Simp-Le Birthday Caqake

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\ Gabrielle Samson English 1005 591 Fred Abong 10/23/2012 How to make a simple birthday cake Have you ever wanted to make a birthday cake for a loved one? Well, here is how to make a simple birthday cake. All you will need is a little time,love and a few items from the grocery store. In my Experience, there are three important steps in making a successful birthday cake: preparing,combining the ingredients,and cooking and finishing your birthday cake. The first step would be preparing get ready to make your cake. You will need a boxes cake mix(the favorite of the birthday person). Also. You will need shortening,eggs,oil,flour and birthday candles. Making sure that you have the right amount of the birthday persons age. When you get home from Store, you will need to gather a few things: a large mixing bowl, a large cake pan, and a electric mixer or a large mixing spoon,a rubber spatula and measuring cups.Then you will need to wash your hands and your work area. Then read through the directions on the cake box,to be sure you have everything you need. Than gather all your equipment and food items. Now you will be combining your ingredients. You will begin putting your dry cake mix into the large mixing bowl. Than put in the prescribed amount of water,oil,eggs into the dry cake mix With your electric Mixer or large spoon mix together until it is smooth and make sure all the clumps are out of the mix. Next,grease the large cake pan with shortening,flour lightly. Then pour cake mix into cake pan,using The rubber spatula to get the remaining mix into the cake pan. Be sure when you pour the cake mix it is level in the pan ,so it will rise evenly. Next place the cake on the top rack of the oven and bake for the

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