How To Make a Presentation Essay

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How to make an oral presentation Oral presentations are common to students and teachers. There are many projects during a students’ school life that have to be presented either in front of the class or in front of several teachers. But these presentations do not end in school. In the business world they are very important. There are several jobs that require them to either get clients, present a product or just to communicate to other co-workers. The problem is that oral presentations, is something many people fear. But with an appropriate control of the theme, the use of some presentation tools and an adequate preparation before the presentation there is nothing to fear about. The most important step on an oral presentation is the first one. Know what you are going to talk about. A good control on the subject you are presenting is fundamental. So if you research about the topic, and understand it completely your presentation will be a success. So the first thing to do is research about the topic. Search for as much information as you can and from different sources. This way you will have an open mind about it and will be very much prepare to answer any questions. When you have all the information gathered, then you can start dividing it and tossing away the one you are not going to use. Read as much as you can and try to understand the subject perfectly. If you are for example doing a presentation about the environment you should know first what the environment is; ask for information from different sources on how to protect it and what is being done like “Green peace”, the “Department of environmental protection (DEP)”, etc. Secondly you should decide how your presentation is going to be. Now that you have the hardest work done you should organize the information you are going to expose. First do a small introduction on the subject. Then develop the “body” of

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