How To Make A Fortune Teller Essay

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'What is a fortune teller? What does it do?' That's what most people think when they hear the question 'Want to make a fortune teller?'. In this essay it will show the steps of making a fortune teller. The things that are needed to make a fortune teller are: a scissor, a piece of paper, and a marker or pen. The first step is to take the piece of paper and cut it into a square. Than, take all four corners and fold them to the center of the paper so the corners are almost touching. The third step is to turn the paper over to the smooth side, and again take those four corners and fold them to the center again, so they almost touch, this will still look like a square. Set the paper square on a table of hard surface and on the four little square folds, write four different colors, names,or anything that you want that is one word. Than, turn the paper over and you will see triangles. On those eight triangles write the numbers one-eight, one number on each triangle. After you do that, open up the folds that you wrote the number on, you will see four triangles, on each triangle write two insult or comments (I prefer insults) on each triangle, but split the triangle in half so you really get eight triangles in all. The next thing to do is fold the paper square in half, unfold, than fold it in half again but the other way, and don't unfold. Stick both of your thumbs into the folds closest to you, and stick your pointer into the other two folds. Ask somebody to pick a name that you wrote, if the name is Rachel, than you would move the fortune teller six times, because there are six letters in the name 'Rachel'. When you do that you will see four numbers, tell the person that you are doing it to, to pick a number, do this three times in total. The third time that they pick a number, open that number and read them the insult or comment that is written on it.

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