How to Lose Weight Essay

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Rough Draft Anthony Griffin University composition And Communication 1 4/13/13 Wendy Schmidt Health and fitness expert Richard Simmons once said, “People are still grasping for the miracle, and unfortunately, there are no miracles, if you do not exercise for a year, and let your body remain dormant, then you will gain weight.” Diet and exercise are the two common ways of losing weight, while exercising burns fat and calories, dieting is safer and just as effective. There are several ways that dieting can be as effective as exercising. Indulging in fat releasing foods can be more effective than 100 pushups. There are 64 calories in one table spoon of honey and 70 calories in one hardboiled egg. Adding fat releasing foods to your diet will keep you from feeling deprived and binging on high calorie foods. Dark chocolate has about 168 calories in one square ounce, but it’s packed with fat releasing fiber. Eating this will save you from doing 70 jumping jacks. Making water a primary source of your overall diet has many benefits. You should focus water instead of juice and sodas. Research has shown that despite the calories sugary drinks don’t trigger a sense of fullness the way food does. In contrast, exercising require that you eat foods that gives you energy for a vigorous workout. Drinking water and staying saturated speeds up your metabolism. As a result you never have to worry about dropping a forty five pound weight on your foot while exercising away those unwanted calories. Exercising has its benefits as well. Walking for forty five minutes a day helps keep the doctor away. Exercising beyond thirty minutes results in weight and fat loss. Besides, I’d rather walk for forty five minutes than eat those bland vegetables. The more you walk and the quicker the pace, the more calories you burn. If you

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