How to Lose Weight Essay

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How to Lose Weight As a lifelong fitness enthusiasts, I can assure you that anyone who is willing to dedicate themselves and make the proper lifestyle changes will not only drop those unnecessary pounds, but also live a far happier and more vibrant life. If an individual follows these three basic, and easy steps that I will explain in further depth. Also, individuals that embrace this lifestyle will find they are on their way to an improved well being. When an individual is ready to begin this journey, the first thing that needs to be a priority is to set a goal. Keys areas to make a good goal include: being specific, realistic, measurable steps, and time sensitive(set a date). To further elaborate on this when I say "be specific" I mean state EXACTLY what is the goal. Simply saying "I want to lose weight" just does not cut it. A few better examples include "I will lose twenty pounds" or "I will fit into a size five". Also, make sure the goal is measurable/tangible. Specific examples of this may be: clothing sizes, lost inches on your waist, a arm measurement, or a number on a scale. Making the goal realistic, is another crucial factor for experiencing success. When creating a realistic goal include variables such as: your daily schedule; improved athletic ability; and time needed to achieve the goal. It is important to keep in mind if the individual is a single parent working two jobs it might not be realistic to hit the gym for two hours a day. If that is the case, then start small and increase gradually. Furthermore, if you want to lose serious weight, it won't happen overnight. Another important trait is being patient and sticking to your plan. Once a person has mapped out a realistic and smart goal, then he/she should grab some paper and write it down. Followed by placing their goal(s) in a very visible spot. Some ideal posting sites may include the

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