How to Live in a Wildlife Essay

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Here are the steps to survive in the wild. First look for an area that will make a good camping site before you place your equipments on the ground. A level area is ideal, unless you like to roll down while you sleep. Make sure you are not building your tent on a low point. Unexpected rain may come and the water can flood you whole tent site. Lying on tree roots can be a real pain in the back, check for them before choosing your site. Step 2 After you have chosen your camp site unpack the tent, poles, stakes, rain cover, ground cloth, and any accessories. Make sure all the tent parts are complete before you start putting it up. Bring a hammer for the tent stakes that you need to nail to the ground. Step 3 Remove from the site of any debris like rocks and branches under and around your tent. If you want to really clean the place, sweep the ground to get rid of pine needles, leaves and other small debris. Step 4 To protect the bottom of your tent from punctures, moisture, and undue wear and tear, spread out a ground cloth where you are going to pitch your tent. Fold the edges of the ground cloth under the tent afterwards. Step 5 Orient and spread your camping tent out. Avoid placing the door of your tent in the direction of the prevailing winds. This will avoid the smoke from the camp fire from blowing inside your tent. It will also lessen the cold wind from getting in your quarters. Step 6 Assemble the tent poles and insert them into their proper sleeves on the sides of your tent. Check if there is a guide sewn on the tent to show the right placing of each pole. Step 7 One by one, place both ends of the pole into the metal rings located at the bottom corner of the tent. The tent will stand freely once you have bent each pole into position and locked them into the metal eye ring at the corners. Step 8 At the corner you can find loops for the

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