How to Live Healthier Essay

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A crowded market presents an interesting scene . Not only there is a loud din , the market is also bustling with life . People from all walks of life are making purchases for their daily necessities . Shouts of best prices are heard from one end to another . Last Sunday , I had a childhood frined , Beth who came to Langkawi to pay me a visit to Langkawi . She is from my native village . She requested me to accompany her to a 'pasar malam ' ( night market ) . Every Wednesday , this old market dealing in a variety of goods , is bustling with buyers and sellers . It was five o'clock in the evening when we set out . Within half an hour , we arrived at our destination . The tantalising aroma of barbecued meat greeted us as we reached the entrance . What a crowded bazaar ! To avoid being jostled by the crowd , we kept to the edge of the foot-path . Soon , we reached the Kuah River and we planned to move from stall to stall all the way down the lane .There were stalls dealing in all sorts of merchandise such as fashionable dresses , foot gear , head gear , costume jewellery , leather goods , mini electronic products and other general merchandise .This kind of market , the exhibited products were either sold cheaply or at affordable prices . Last but not least , food ! We came to savour the local cuisine . There were so many dishes laid out , we had a hard time deciding what to eat . We made a final conclusion to buy back home to enjoy with my family members . Holding big and small packs in our hands , we squeezed through the sea of people to reach the taxi stand . After waiting for some time , we could hear our stomach rumbling . Without hesitation , we took out the barbecued 'satay ' and chicken wings and enjoyed ourselves tremendously by the roadside without feeling embarrased about it . This kind of market scene , can be seen in all parts of Malaysia . Not only is

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