How To Let Steroids Into The Hall Of Fame Essay

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Let Steroids into the Hall of Fame Zev Chafets say in his essay, “When the Baseball Hall of Fame commemorates its 70th anniversary with an exhibition game in Cooperstown, N.Y., on Sunday, five of its members will play on the national field of dreams. At least two of them - Pual Molitor and Ferguson Jenkins –were busted in the 1980s for using cocaine. Molitor later said he was sure he wasn’t the only player on the using drugs.” Why players use drugs? Three of the main causes of the drug use are performance, stress, and injuries. One of the causes that players use drugs is performance. Good performance is really important in any game. If you cannot perform well then you cannot play the game. Players do their best to perform as well as they can. Some of the players can do anything to perform well and to stay on top. As a result, they try to find any other way or any other thing that can help them to perform better. Players take drugs like steroid, which is forbidden for any game, to enhance their performance. Steroids directly affect metabolism thus increases the heart beat rate, which helps…show more content…
Stress is a part of any game. Players can be stressed out because of plenty of reasons. Stresses like audience, when thousands of people watching you expecting best strokes, dependence of team, when a whole team depends on you for winning, pressure from coach, stress because of busy schedules and so on. Players use very different types of drugs to avoid any stress. For example, Leonard Bias, who was a great wrestler, dies at the age of twenty two because of taking drugs. Bias never had any health issue; he started taking drugs to calm his nerves. He was playing matching in the rows, he was very stressed out. According to the reports, he died from cocaine intoxication, which significantly disrupted the normal electrical current to the heart and triggered seizures and cardiac arrest, both of which subsequently led to his

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