How to Learn English Well Essay

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It is no doubt to say that English is one of most popular and important languages in the world, and more and more people want to learn it, especially in countries not speaking English as mother tongue. Thus, how to learn English well is a big question that has been raised for a long time by many people. The following are some ways to learn English well in my opinion, basing on four skills of English. We all know four skills of English are divided into 2 types: reception stage, consisting of listening and reading and production stage, consisting of speaking and reading. Therefore, in order to use English well, we need to learn properly in the reception stage. That means we have to listen a lot by many ways such as listening to music, radio, CD or cassettes and even watch movies in English. Moreover, we also need to read a lot of English books to learn vocabulary as well as grammatical structures to re-use them later. After learning well at reception stage, we move to the next stage – re-production. To speak fluently and write well in English, we have to take all opportunities to practice. For example, we can talk to friends, teacher, especially foreigners or even ourselves at home to practice speaking. Likewise, we should write a lot and ask someone who is good at English to correct mistakes and re-write them with correction. By that way, we can improve or writing skill little by little until we are good at it. However, in order to do those mentioned above, we must have a deep love in English. It is the main motivation making us practice harder and harder to be good at it. It is easier for some one who really loves English to learn it in comparison with those who are forced to learn. In conclusion, there are many ways to learn English well, but practicing a lot and having a love in English are important factors in my opinion. If we really want to improve
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