How To Integrate In University?

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How to integrate in university? As human ,we always find it hard to integrate in a new environment. Specially when it comes to integrate a new work place or a new college. Making a good a first impression, making new friends, learnig how to deal with those people that do their best to make your life miserable: It is a long hard process ;however ,you can make the integration in university a much easier experience with following certain steps ,and the three main steps involved in this process are: be open mind ,choose your friends, and set your real goals. The first main step is to be open mind. Be interested in meeting new people even if they are not from your religion, not from your culture just be friendly and never reject them .next ,you will need to Get involved in university events ,in clubs,the most important thing is to be active ,to show that you have your word to say,and that you are ready to new experiences . The second step is to choose your friends. Put some criteria concerning your friends, those criteria might be something like :confident , serious intelligent ,but it also might be something like :popular ,funny ,etc however,keep in mind that the more bad relationships you have ,the more your integration process will be hard ,and the more you are surrounded by good peoples ,the more you will feel confortable about yourself ,you wont have to lie or make stories to be respected by others ,you just need to be you. The third step is to set your real goals.If sometimes you feel lonely,depressed,that all the world is against you ,think about the main reason that push you to choose this university ,it’s certainly not to make friends.if you are there it’s for getting your diplomate ,and then flying with your own wings. In a
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