How to Improve Voc Essay

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Voc Quiz Work treasury (American) English Language Proficiency Test Voc+Grammar+reading Question * To know how a word is pronounced, we recommend: The American Heritage Dictionary or The Longman Interactive Dictionary * To learn more about how the pronunciation of words changes in connected speech, and in particular, how words link together, you will find the following materials in the SAC useful (all on the 'Pronunciation' shelves in the Multimedia Area): Speaking Clearly, Elements of Pronunciation and In Tempo. Dictionaries * For examples of how words are used in context: COBUILD English Dictionary, Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary, Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English * For groups of similar words together (these help you to see the difference between similar words): Longman Language Activator, Longman Lexicon. The Longman Language Activator helps you choose the right word or phrase to express your meaning, e.g. stumble/trip/collapse/fall flat on your face rather than just 'fall'. Reading | Listening | Reading materials in the textbookMaterials you find for the assignmentsRead an article a week (e.g. SCMP, The Guardian, Time, The Economist)Links and generic comprehension questions will be provided. | * Be attentive in class. * Listen to 1 to 2 short videos (e.g. BBC Words in the news, TED Talks) every week. * Links and generic comprehension questions will be provided. * Use the resources given on the course website | Voc | W+ | * Wordlists - 3K, 5K, Academic Word List (AWL) & 10K * Vocabulary learning strategies
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