How to Improve Our Speaking in English

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HOW TO IMPROVE OUR SPEAKING IN ENGLISH Elif Büşra TUFANER İNÖ 128 ACADEMIC WRITING AND REPORT WRITING Instructor Ela AKGÜN ÖZBEK ESKİŞEHİR Anadolu University Faculty of Education April, 2012 How to Improve Our Speaking in English Unfortunately, speaking English is not good enough in Turkey. Although most of the students know enough grammar rules, almost all of them can’t explain themselves while speaking. As a student in ELT, I have troubles in speaking too. I can solve most of the grammar problem, but I can’t speak English very well. But we should improve our speaking if we really want to learn English properly. This problem can be solved with simple activities such as going abroad or watching English films, listening English songs and practice. In Turkey, students can’t speak English. The problem mostly results from thinking in Turkish (Öğrek, (n.d.)). When students think in Turkish, they have troubles in translating to English because they have to think what you say and have to translate their thinking at the same time. So they can’t speak English. According to Öğrek (n.d.), “Because thought and speech are parts of the same system. Without harmony among parts of a complement, a problem is experienced on the system”. Another reason is grammar obsession. Students always try to use correct grammar while speaking. So they have troubles again. They are afraid of making mistake and they are shy to speak English. This problem causes important problems in students’ life. For example; in some lecture, if students can’ speak English, they can fail in the lesson. Furthermore; in an interview if graduate students can’t speak English, they may not be got the job. Namely we should do something to improve our speaking. We must watch English films, learn English songs and practice a lot. First solution is going abroad and learning speaking there. This will be
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