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133 24 Developing and Validating an Instrument for Student Ratings of Teaching Gary Hunt, Lyn Baldwin, Ernest Tsui, & Les Matthews Thompson Rivers University In May 2007, the Thompson Rivers University Faculty of Science established an ad hoc subcommittee to develop a new student ratings of teaching survey. The final survey, approved by the Faculty in February 2011, includes statements categorized in the dimensions of teaching shown in previous studies to be correlated with student achievement. The survey is learner-centred, discipline and pedagogically neutral, and includes only items that can be reasonably evaluated by students. The survey consists of 40 items including eight statements of student background information, 32 statements to rate on a six-point Likert scale, and four open-ended questions. We demonstrated that a faculty group with no formal training in survey design and informed by the literature, can, in collaboration with faculty, develop a survey established as having a high degree of inter-rater reliability. Introduction A t Thompson Rivers University (TRU), student ratings of teaching are obligatory for new faculty and are mandated components of promotion and tenure packages. In 2007, the Faculty of Science determined that our existing survey was not meeting our needs for a number of reasons: faculty expressed a wide range of concerns about specific items, it was not consistent with recommended practices in the current literature, and it had never been properly assessed for validity and reliability. The need for a new student ratings of teaching form can be met through one of several ways including modifying an existing form or the purchase of a commercial product. Following a review of several 133 surveys from other institutions and commercial products, we concluded that the best solution to meet the needs within the TRU Faculty

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