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1. Taoism 604 B.C. a. Tao= “ultimate reality” b. Lao Tzu, Chuang Tzu – LIFE SHOULD BE COMPLETE SIMPLICITY 2. Confucianism 500 B.C. c. Supposed to love humanity no matter what d. 3. Buddhism e. Right view of life f. Right thoughts g. Right speech h. Right actions i. Earn the right livelihood i. Don’t cheat people j. Do the best you can k. Be mindful of others l. Have concentration and focus with what you’re doing 4. Hinduism m. Knowledge ii. Society pushes knowledge n. Work iii. Work hard and be the best at it o. Way of devotion iv. Always be thankful for what you have and are able to do 5. Jainism p. Believe in eternal life and reincarnation v. Believes in the Wheel of Life 1. Escape Wheel of Life when able to show empathy/sympathy q. Meditating 6. Zoroastrianism r. Believes in a supreme being 7. Averroism s. Averro came from Saudi Arabia lives in Spain t. Your mind lives on (not soul) 8. Avicennaism u. Avicenna was a Persian philosopher and medicine expert v. Reality extends from supreme being down to all matter 9. Sufi- “Whirling Dervishes” w. Believe that love of God is shown through movements and dancing x. Muslim Mystic Group 10. Judaism y. Hasidism Judaism and Haredi Judaism z. Use physical abuse to “purify” 11. Islam {. Early believers have respect for self-denial |. Don’t over indulge yourself (i.e.: eat just enough to survive) }. Women are oppressed ~. Allah is personal God 12. Christianity 5-29 A.D. . Started as a way of living, philosophy of life . Jesus believed in sympathy for fellow man 13. Buddhism . Abhidharma

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