How to Get Democracy Back Essay

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How to Get Democracy Back In this essay, I will discuss the particulars of why we democracy needs to change. The Obama presidency is discussed in this article. The American faith in Congress has wavered, to say it nicely. There many disruptions in the flow of government when you look at previous presidencies. This essay will provide a few set back and challenges that affected the Congress. It is corruption of the faith Americans doesn’t lie in a crime but more in bribery. There is a cash only system emerging in particular layers of government. The articles, states the vast majority of American believe money buys results in Congress( 88 percent in a recent California poll). Whether this accurate or not, the results are still the same. As the founders promised and envisioned , an institution, “ dependant on the People “ but governed by financial gain. The Congress has control over many financial affairs should not be relabeled the the Financial Congress. The function was not created by the the money train stopping here. This articles discusses the pathological dependence on campaign cash. It amazing how one aide will go into detail about the how politics can be seen as more of a business transaction more than lobbying. The scale has gotten out of balance and the corruption where was restricted to less. Is now funneled thru more formal channels and require more to buy their vote. The day’s where the money is a paper bag is over. Not to say, accepting campaign funding by bag is great idea. There was more class and less corruption in the plain eye sight. One attribute that stood out to me is corruption is normal in nature. Corruption is prevalent and the idea no longer acceptable and become dangerous ,when there is no shame. For Romans to teach this, makes you wonder how much corruption was present.
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